What is the SMART TRACKER?

A FREE digital dashboard providing a safe, convenient place to store your income and expense evidence digitally.

The Smart Tracker provides access for sole traders to prepare for their CIS tax return, Self-assessment annual return and/or quarterly VAT return. The user-friendly dashboard provides you with the ability to upload your income and expense evidence, for both this years tax return and in preparation for the following years tax return. Simply use your mobile phone to take pictures of your income documents and expense receipts and upload them to your smart tracker dashboard. You can also upload your bank statements or a spreadsheet (if applicable), making this a seamless process compared to traditionally taking a box full of documents in to your local accountant.

One Stop Solution

Here are the key benefits when registering for your free SMART TRACKER:
CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) tax rebates
  • Use the CLAIM NOW feature to upload your income and expense evidence and submit through to us to process your CIS tax rebate directly with HMRC for the current tax year
  • Use the PREPARE FOR NEXT YEAR feature to upload your income and expense evidence as frequently as you need (daily/weekly/monthly), so that everything is in place ready for next years CIS tax rebate submission.
Self-assessment tax return
  • Use the SELF-ASSESSMENT feature to upload your income and expense evidence and submit through to us to process your annual tax return directly with HMRC for the current tax year.
VAT Quarterly return
  • Use the VAT RETURN feature to upload your VAT expense and receipts evidence on a frequent basis, so that we can automatically access your stored uploads and process your VAT return on your behalf every quarter, on time within the deadlines.

The SMART TRACKER registration process

Quick and easy registration process, with automatic application to HMRC so that we can act on your behalf to complete your necessary returns.

What you need to REGISTER additionally to your usual personal details:

N.I Number (National Insurance number)

This is your unique identity number relating to your personal tax and national insurance contributions. This can be found on any tax letter from HMRC (or previous payslip) and is made up of letters and numbers.

UTR Number (10 digit Unique Taxpayer Reference)

A Unique Taxpayer Reference, often referred to as a UTR or a UTR number, is a code used by HMRC to identify self-employed people and their companies for tax purposes. This can be found on any HMRC correspondence.

Authorisation code from HMRC (We apply for this on your behalf automatically)

So that we can complete your self-assessments on your behalf, we require authorisation from you to act directly with HMRC. When you register with the Smart Tracker, we automatically apply for an authorisation code, which will be sent to you in the post within 7 days of registration. Simply login to the Smart Tracker, enter and save the code. The code begins ‘SA’ and is only required once in order for us to act on your behalf moving forward.

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